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July 21, 2009

SKII : Facial Treatment Essence 30ML

Went down to collect my sample from SKII. As I was around Centrepoint, decided to collect my sample @ Robinsons. The SA is friendly and took her time to do a detailed skin analysis for me. Lucky me! Because I read from CozyCot that the SA mostly skip analysis (can't blame them, the analysis took around 15-20mins including explaination) I was told my skin elasticity is excellent (perhaps owe it to my "good genes" or Meiji Collagen which I have been taking for the past 3mths). However, the analysis says my skin is dehydrated and pigmentations is on their way! Oh gosh! I have been using sunblock (min SPF 30++ to SPF50++) diligently for the past 8 years without fail. How can this ever occur to me? Once I finish my IPSA SPF30++, I better start looking out for an even better sunblock. I must constantly remind myself to do mask more often. Currently I am using Clarin HydraQuench Mask, MBD Mask, TFS Mask, TFS Sleeping Mask and Neutrogena DH Mask. Wonder what other better "hydration" masks should I get now?


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