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February 1, 2012

Supreme Sharpness with Scotch Premium Scissors

“The Scotch™ Kitchen Scissors from 3M is a great alternative to knives and chopping boards.
The design of the blades ensures accuracy and control, and will fulfill all cutting needs.
More importantly, food safety is improved, thus protecting the health of your loved ones and consumers,”
said Ms Renee Chua, General Manager of 3M Consumer and Office Business

Home-makers and frequent kitchen users are often unaware of the amount of bacteria a simple kitchen scissors can harbour. Like the cutting board, ordinary stainless steel surfaces of regular kitchen scissors can become uneven over time, creating ridges and rough spots which trap food residue. Consequently, conducive breeding grounds for bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Salmonella are formed, and the probability of cooking contamination and food-borne illness is increased.

Electro-Polished Premium Scissors that resists corrosion,
for enhanced level of cleanliness and user-friendliness in our kitchen

I decided to give them as a gift to Mummy since my own HOME SWEET HOME's kitchen isnt ready yet. We decided that the Detachable scissors are allocated for the raw and the Non-Detachable scissor allocated for the cooked food. Reason? Simply because detachable blades are easier to maintain hygiene for raw food.

Mummy kept complimenting how awesome the scissors are compared to the typical ones she bought. In fact she loves them so much that she decided to skip the peeler and used the Detachable blade to scrap off the Ginger "skin". To test the toughness of the scissors, she chose to use it to cut the Ginger (I always thought only knife is tough enough to cut ginger???). 

Conclusion :
Its a great alternative to knives and chopping boards! Especially for people with "butter-fingers" like ME.

The ergonomically designed, symmetrical shape makes cutting and shearing comfortable. Its micro-serration blades add an extra level of sharpness, which makes the scissors strong enough to cut through meat and bones, yet delicate enough to snip fresh herbs and fruits.

Buy THEM, use THEM, rate THEM

Scotch™ Kitchen Scissors come in 2 functions - detachable ($19.90 with GST) and non-detachable ($15.90 with GST) and is available at at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, D.I.Y stores and major bookstores. 
For more information, please contact 3M at 64508888.

January 24, 2012

Bid GOODBYE to Bacteria & Corrosion!

Scissors are hand operated cutting tools and there are many types of scissors for different purposes.

Kitchen scissors (aka kitchen shears) are used in the kitchen for food preparation. Nowadays, they are often made from stainless steel (for food hygiene and oxidization-resistance). Often,  various kitchen functionality are built into the handles, eg; bottle-cap and bottle-openers.

Introducing the Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors that are treated using 3M's Electro-polishing Technology which results in ultra-smooth blades that minimizes food residue left on uneven blades or grooves which are difficult to clean. Its Electro-polishing Technology also enhance the ability of the stainless steel material to resist corrosion which enables the scissors to be easily cleaned, thus reducing the risk of bacteria growth.

It comes with micro-serrated blades which gives an extra level of sharpness, and makes it easy to cut through meat and bones. Its electro-polished blades are smoother, which results in lesser ridges and rough spots on the surface, that may trap food residue and breed bacteria.

Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors are available in two version ; Detachable and Non-Detachable. Both scissors are designed for easy cleaning and in my opinion, both of the above Scotch Premium Scissors are designed for everyone, be it right-handers or left handers.

Please note that the handles of the Detachable Scissors are rubbery-feel while the handles of the Non-Detachable Scissors plastic-feel. 

Scotch™ Kitchen Scissors come in 2 functions - detachable ($19.90 with GST) and non-detachable ($15.90 with GST) and is available at at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, D.I.Y stores and major bookstores.

January 23, 2012

Scotch® brand Singapore

Special thanks to 3M Singapore, who have recently made a surprise invitation to me to review their product - Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors.

The diverse pack of products that Ms Cindy has packed ranged from Scissors, Tapes, to Cutting Platforms, to Mounting Products etc.

As a newly-wed bride, I'm taking every possible opportunity to cook for hubby, especially this Lunar New Year. I'll be concentrating mainly on their newly launched Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors in my upcoming post soon.

Before I forget, I wanna wish you a HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!

January 18, 2012

New Look for meandmyTHRILLS-blog

January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 New Year!

I'm looking forward to a brand NEW year ... with brand NEW resolutions ...  with brand NEW motivations ... Its definitely going to be a great NEW year for everyone!


I wish that the NEW year be happy, the NEW year be carefree ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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