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January 24, 2012

Bid GOODBYE to Bacteria & Corrosion!

Scissors are hand operated cutting tools and there are many types of scissors for different purposes.

Kitchen scissors (aka kitchen shears) are used in the kitchen for food preparation. Nowadays, they are often made from stainless steel (for food hygiene and oxidization-resistance). Often,  various kitchen functionality are built into the handles, eg; bottle-cap and bottle-openers.

Introducing the Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors that are treated using 3M's Electro-polishing Technology which results in ultra-smooth blades that minimizes food residue left on uneven blades or grooves which are difficult to clean. Its Electro-polishing Technology also enhance the ability of the stainless steel material to resist corrosion which enables the scissors to be easily cleaned, thus reducing the risk of bacteria growth.

It comes with micro-serrated blades which gives an extra level of sharpness, and makes it easy to cut through meat and bones. Its electro-polished blades are smoother, which results in lesser ridges and rough spots on the surface, that may trap food residue and breed bacteria.

Scotch Premium Kitchen Scissors are available in two version ; Detachable and Non-Detachable. Both scissors are designed for easy cleaning and in my opinion, both of the above Scotch Premium Scissors are designed for everyone, be it right-handers or left handers.

Please note that the handles of the Detachable Scissors are rubbery-feel while the handles of the Non-Detachable Scissors plastic-feel. 

Scotch™ Kitchen Scissors come in 2 functions - detachable ($19.90 with GST) and non-detachable ($15.90 with GST) and is available at at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets, D.I.Y stores and major bookstores.


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