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November 8, 2009

Out of city retreat ...

Today's weather is fantastic! And I am glad dear made the right suggestion to visit Pulau Ubin today. Shy to admit, this is my 1st visit to PU. I find that PU resembles Malaysia's Pontian, Kukup alot.

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I never knew renting a bicycle in PU goes by per day instead of per hour as in East Coast. We pay sgd$4.00 for a decent bike.

I love this bridge! I would gladly wished to walk to the tip of the bridge to pose for some shots if not for the extremely hot weather (its too harmful for my skin).

This definetly dont look like a scene in Singapore agree?

Its a pity we visited Chek Jawa during high tide. We did not managed see any "marine habitat" of Chek Jawa. But no worries, I will be back !

Time for a reward after all the exercises and perspiration. Not sure which to choose, so we used crowd factor to determine.

After a heavy meal, we had a slow stroll along the beach and visited "sensory trail" before returing back to Singapore.


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