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May 3, 2010

E-MOOK : Marc Jacobs - 2010 Spring and Summer Collection

Sis wanted to me help her buy "nice" kawaii cosmetic pouches during my Tokyo holiday last month. Somehow, I was too engrossed in my sightseeing and shopping that I completely overlooked it.

So, I bought this Marc Jacob e-Mook for her instead, which cost ¥1200 (~ S$18.00). This was the cosmetic pouch that she has been lemming, but refused to buy it in Singapore. It comes with a Marc Jacob cosmetic pouch, a Marc Jacob towel and a Marc Jacob mirror.

She has sinced started using it. The more I see her use it, the more I regretted not buying one for myself. ***Argh!!! I am full of regrets now***


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