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June 6, 2010

REVIEW : Ettusais Pre-Acne Care Sheet

I bought my first box of Ettusais Pre-Acne Care Sheet from Shiseido sale last december and my second box from Shiseido's sale again in last month. I have yet to finish using my first box.

I am prone to cheek acnes, which I have yet to do thorough research on the root of the causes. So this Ettusais medicated sheet is indeed useful to temporarily calm down any new pimples occurring.

Please do not expect immediate miracle from this product. It is not an immediate remedy to your acne problems and only acts to relieve the pimple.

50 Sheets of Ettusais Pre-Acne Care

A tweezer was provided to minimise contamination

It still remain moist despite 3 months of opening.


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