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July 11, 2010

Days without Cleansing Oil

I have been introduced to cleansing oil by fellow forum'ers and have been a loyal user for almost a year. However, It has been a week since I stopped using cleansing oil. By skipping this step, I kept feeling my skin isn't properly cleansed. The feeling is weird and I simply hate it.

I am desperate to find an alternative makeup remover to replace my cleansing oil. I even resort to using my sister's Fasio - Point Makeup Remover, which she uses to remove her mascara. Not exactly sure does this contain any oil-ingredient (if it does, appreciate if you can inform me).

I am amazed how this product manages to remove my makeup so efficiently. Its kinda clear, watery gel which is has a mild fragrance. It is refreshing and seems to moisturize my skin while removing my makeup.


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