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December 8, 2010

AFC Tsubaki Perfect Beauty - Drink to Perfect Skin and Lasting Youth

Has it ever occurred to you why Japanese women have such healthy-looking and youthful skin?

A moment to ponder : Will you be willing to spend a few dollars a day on a remedy that promises to reduce wrinkles, hides blemishes and even firms up loose skin?

This simple and safe secret is slowly being known to the rest of the world. Its a remedy that works from within the skin layers to nourish, hydrate and firms up the skin. It helps reverse the clock, reduce visible signs of aging and leaves the skin perfectly smooth and revitalised from inside out.

The answer : Japanese women have been drinking daily mega-doses of collagen as supplement to their diet.

An easy, hassle-free option to start benefiting!
Simply drink it daily and experience a firmer and radiant skin!

AFC Japan

AFC Japan was established since 1969, with millions of Japanese entrusting their health and well-being needs to AFC Japan, the leader in anti-aging science and wellness solutions. This year, AFC Japan celebrates its 40th annivasary of award winning bestselling supplements.

Some of AFC bestselling products includes; AFC Ultimate Vision, AFC Collagen Beauty, AFC TG Slim drink etc.

AFC Tsubaki Perfect Beauty

Introducing the AFC Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink (RRP : S$56.90), an intensive age-defying skin drink, that replenishes and stimulates natural collagen formation while repairing skin damage for youthful skin.

AFC Tsubaki Beauty Drink is an intensive high performance age-defying drink for cell renewal and collagen production. It works from within your skin layers from head to toe to Repair, Revive, Revitalize and Rejuvenate with the active ingredients;

(Repair) 10,000mg Micro-Collagen Peptides : Promotes skin firmness, hydration and clarity. Reduces pores, wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation

(RevitalizeHyaluronic Acid : 6,000 times more moisture locking ability for deep hydration. Retains moisture, plumps up skin surface to smoothen wrinkles and stimulates repair of damaged skin.

(Revive) BCA Complex (Bio-cell Activator) : Accelerates production of Collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid. Promotes cell renewal with strong anti-oxidant properties

(Rejuvenate) Vitamin Bs and C : Promotes skin metabolism for cellular renewal and aids effective collagen synthesis

Collagen and Anti-Aging

We hope for youthful-looking and beautiful skin and as a result, most of us takes collagen supplements actively for its anti-aging benefits. But what exactly is collagen and will it really produce an anti aging effect on our skin if we drink it?

Collagen is a type of protein found in the dermis of the skin and it is vital in maintaining good health and youthful skin. Collagen, approximately one third of all protein in our body, holds the elastin fibres that gives the skin its elasticity and texture. Unfortunately, as our body ages, collagen production starts to decline and when we reach our mid-twenties. This loss of collagen, along with other external factors, leads to degeneration of skin with visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

Collagen is subjected to stress and may even break, 
each time we speak or make a facial expression

When collagen levels are insufficient, it is the more vital parts of our body (eg bones) that have priority on the  allocation of collagen. Usually in this scenario, our skin is the last to receive the benefit of collagen, which resulted in our skin becoming duller and showing signs of aging (eg wrinkles and sagging).

But when collagen is in abundant and healthy, they help to repair our muscles, glands and organs, which also includes skin, hair and nails. It is amino acids that make up the structural proteins (collagen and elastin), which are key components for youthful skin.

Healthy skin renewal cycle takes 28 to 56 days.
The aging process delays cell renewal,
resulting in a dull sagging complexion

Collagen comes in different forms and sizes. Its molecular size will determine how well it is being absorbed by our body. It is best recommended to consume collagen supplements in micro-peptides structure, as it will ensure most effective absorption by our body. Effective absorption will then boost collagen synthesis and minimize signs of aging.

I have been too engrossed with external skincare products that I had neglected the fact that my skin can be dramatically enhanced with skin supplements that work from withinI have been taking collagen supplement (powder) for the past few year. Unfortunately, due to the hassle of having to mix the collagen powder with beverages, I became an irregular taker of it.

welcomed the invitation from LifeStream Group and accepted with no hesitation to sample and review their AFC Tsubaki Perfect Beauty Drink for the sake of beauty. I look forward seeing visible results from AFC Tsubaki Perfect Beauty, a all-natural, preservative-free and importantly, a low 55-calorie drink with zero fat! I will be adhering closely to its recommended intake cycle of two months and will be sharing my 1st review in a month's time.

Start by supplementing our diet with collagen.
The younger we start,
the earlier we can retard the aging process.

Special Thanks to LifeStream Group Singapore for sponsoring the AFC Tsubaki Beauty Drink for sampling and review.


You are invited to visit AFC Japan Facebook Page for their contests and giveaways. And not forgetting LifeStream Group Web Page to find out more about AFC beauty and health supplements.


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