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December 14, 2010

BIO-ESSENCE Bio Platinum BB Cream SPF25/PA++

Aren't you tired of wearing a “mask” to achieve the fairness that you desire?

As Asians, we are most susceptible to melanin-accumulation and it is essential to combat the damage of UV rays to ensure that our skin remains fair and even toned even after long hours under the sun. Now we can achieve younger-looking skin that looks naturally fair in one simple step without having to apply thick layers of other creams.

Bio-essence Bio Platinum BB Cream SPF25/PA++

Bio-Essence Platinum BB Cream SPF25/PA++ (RRP : S$30.00) is a 10 in 1 efficacy to keeps the skin looking fair, beautiful and effortlessly good, the easy way! It is a new formulation, uniquely blended with Platinum, Bio Energy Fluid, Titanium Dioxide, Tanaka, Ginseng and Angelica extracts to nourish and hydrate skin. It also helps control oil, moisturize while providing superior protection against UV rays and natural pollutants! Yes, that means you can save the hassle of applying an additional sunscreen! 

Platinum is one of the rarest and most precious metals on earth; it is resistant to aging as it neither tarnishes nor wears out over time. When applied to the skin, it lends its formidable anti-aging properties to the skin by revitalizing the skin so that nutrients are absorbed more efficiently. It also strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier, boosting the skin’s ability to retain water and ensuring that skin is better protected against free radicals and other environmental factors that contribute to signs of aging.

Tanaka Bark Extract contains intense hydrating, cooling and anti-inflammatory properties to moisturize the skin and help prevent pimples. Bio Energy Fluid contains mineral and trace mineral elements which are essential for healthy skin and to maintain the youthfulness of skin. Ginseng provides precious herbal nutrition to promote cell-regrowth and helps prevent the signs of ageing.

Its 10 in 1 Multiple Efficacies includes revitalizing skin with platinum, whitening and brightening of skin. It fades pigmentation, spots while repairing and soothing skin. It conceals and fades blemishes. It nourishes and hydrates skin along with strong anti-oxidation properties to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. It creates a bright, healthy skin tone for radiant natural looking makeup as it effectively controls oil production throughout the day. And most importantly, it has a UV protection of SPF25 PA/ ++.
Final step of your skincare regime
Squeeze an adequate amount of content
Apply evenly on your face.
Lightly pat to avoid uneven patches.

My Review : The Bio Platinum BB Cream is slightly "thicker" in texture compared to Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream. With its 10 in 1 Multiple Efficacies, I no longer have to spend time applying layers and layers of makeup which is both time consuming and gives an unnatural look.
Unfortunately, Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream SPF25/PA++ gave a better coverage than Platinum BB Cream despite concentrated dabs of Bio Platinum BB Cream on areas I wanna conceal. Though this isnt great for creating a flawless complexion, but I will be continuing usage becos of its promises of promoting cell-growth and anti-inflammatory properties.

Special Thanks to Bio-Essence Singapore and The Sample Store (formerly Fr3b) for sponsoring
the above Bio-Essence Bio Platinum BB Cream for sampling and review.

For meandmyTHRILLS readers,
You will be able to redeem a Bio-Essence Bb Cream Set which consists of
Bio Multi-Effect BB cream and Bio Platinum BB Cream 2 in 1


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