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May 27, 2011

STOP hair fall out with the RIGHT formulation

We often assumed that hair loss is typically something only adults / elderly that need to worry about. And when we do start to notice, it usually becomes visibly noticeable.

I admit I'm one of the majority that was too obsessed with beauty and weight to note that hair loss can occur earlier in my life stages. Finding an effective way to put an end hair loss may be difficult but it is not impossible. There are plenty of products and surgical methods to address your concern.

Introducing SHOKAIGAN Intensive Scalp Therapy Shampoo which promises to gently deep cleanse, remove sebum, unclog hair follicles and regulate scalp pH. Its made from a blend of 10 amino acids to penetrate deep into hair follicles and strengthen hair roots, hair becomes stronger and more resistant to breakage with regular use. Its all-natural plant-based formula deep cleanses and nourishes without harsh chemicals*, priming the scalp for fuller, healthier hair growth. * Free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate, petrochemical surfactants, silicon, fragrance or colouring

Scientifically formulated to:
  • Prevent further premature hair loss and reduce thinning
  • Reconstitute thin or weak hair for added strength and volume
  • Strengthen and coat hair shaft for added density
  • Remove sebum buildup and unclog hair follicles for new hair growth
  • Regulate and balance scalp pH level

Clogged follicles

Clear follicles

SHOKAIGAN is a scientifically advanced formulation with superior regenerative properties. It's benefits can be experienced from the first hair wash. In two weeks, gain fuller hair that’s softer to the touch. With hair growth rate of 1-2 cm a month, and it takes about 90 days to replace hair that has been shed (allow approx three months to see noticeable results depending on hair conditions).

As hair growth is an ongoing cycle, its important to maintain good scalp health to keep hair loss at bay, as well as to prevent hair loss from reoccurring. Therefore regular use of SHOKAIGAN will encourage the hair renewal process by prolonging the growing phase (anagen) and giving your hair cycle a much needed boost.

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