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July 18, 2009

Kiehl's turns ONE at Ngee Ann City

I went down to Kiehl's @ Ngee Ann City. I am tempted by DBS's invitation to redeem a trial set. (offer from 17-19 Jul 09 ). I have always been interested in Kiehl's products. However, as the concept of its store seems too confusing for me to try their products. The store seems to be overfilled by products. What you have to do is just flash your DBS credit card, fill up your particulars and you can redeem the trial set (based on your skin type) after a skin consultation. I wasn't given any skin consultation. After flashing my DBS CC, I am told to fill up my full particulars and the trials are issued. The samples range from 30-40ML. Did not expect Kiehl's to be so generous. I guess it will most likely last me around 7-10 days. Thanks Kiehl's! I believe I will like the products that you have given me and I will surely get your products when Tangs is having private sale. I hope you can spare me time and recommend products that are more appropriate for my skin type.


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