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July 27, 2009


My Review :
Score : 5/5
Color : Clear
Smell : Unscented
Texture : Watery

Genifique is neither greasy or sticky. It penerates almost immediately into my skin, making my skin soft & smooth instantly. Genifique is able to keep my skin hydrated throughout the whole day despite my long hours in harsh working environment. Genifique, in
my opinion, has additional abilities which Lancome should highlight too!

Oil Control! Pore Tightening! Skin-Soothing!

Oil-Control : I usually have to blot ~4 times daily. Yet with Genifique added into my daily skincare regimen, I only need to blot not more than twice daily.
Pore-Tightening : I can feel almost immediate constriction of my pores.
Skin-Soothing : I applied it twice daily for 7 days over my "irritated skin" and it is able to calm my skin. My skin feels soothing when I apply it over my pimples especially.

Thanks Genifique! You indeed lived up to your claims

If you have not tried Genifique yet, why wait? Click here and give yourself a chance to try this out. I think you will love it!


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