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April 16, 2010

REVIEW : Meiji Collagen - Grapefruit Flavour

I was first introduced to Meiji Collagen by my colleague's wife. I wouldnt call myself a regular drinker as I basically forgets about it everyday.

I bought this Meiji Collagen - GrapeFruit Flavour almost a year ago and only get to "open-ceremony" it today. I understand the fact that in order to see results, I will have to be diligent and makes sure I drink it daily without fail.

This new flavour (it was NEW when I purchased it) was indeed more refreshing + minus the weird fishy taste. But do take note that this is only for 25 days while the original packaging was catered for 28 days.

I personally prefer to add it into Meiji Fresh Milk or Orange Juice. It always manages to dissolve faster and taste better for its original flavour. With this grapefruit flavour, I think I can add it into almost all drinks.


Is it really effective?
I can't seem to find this flavour in singapore.

I bought a few packets of the refill when I was in Japan last year. It was so cheap!! But I didnt see this flavor that time. Oya I have to let you know, if you leave it more than 30 days or longer, the white color will turn to orange-ish a bit. So it is best to consume within the period. I didnt see much improvement on skin but I drink it regularly to help my torn muscles recover.

@ Butterfriday by Sylista,

I wasnt observant enough to notice changes in color. Shall make it a point to consume them within the 25days period. Thanks for the advice.

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