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July 31, 2009

Meiji Collagen

I have started drinking Meiji Collagen since early last year. My 1st set of Meiji Collagen was purchased in Japan. Initially, I kinda dislike the "weird" taste. After some experiments with different types of drinks, I prefer to mix it with either chilled orange juice or chilled milk. The two types of drinks are able to mask away the "weird" taste.
I was kinda lazy person who keeps forgetting to drink it daily. As a result, my 8 months supply of Meiji Collagen lasted me till now. Its almost 18 months already and I am still left with another 3 months supply. I was told that once you are on this Collagen thing, you must make sure you drink them daily to maintain. If you drink occassionally, its like throwing $$$ down the drain. However, since last month, I have been drinking it diligently daily. You must be wondering why the sudden effort? Haha! That's because it going to expire soon!
Today, I went out shopping with mum. I was "window-shopping" when I saw Meiji Collagen. I simply cant resist buying it, especially with all the new products they have nowadays. So, here's what I bought today. I also won a pair of movie tickets from the lucky dip (seems like July is my lucky month, its my 3rd movie tickets from lucky draw)


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