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July 31, 2009

CozyCot Sample

I quite like the idea of CozyCot introducing CozyCot beauty samples. It works like Fr3b, yet it allows the option of self-collection. The points that we have accumulated thru reviews, referrals etc are finally put to good use. Thanks CozyCot!

Went down to CozyCot to collect the samples that I have shortlisted. The procedures are short and simple. Just submit your request, wait for email confirmation, reply with your preferred date and time, show them the email confirmation printout and collect your samples! You have to option to select registered mail if you don't wish to go to CozyCot office.

I prefer to collect my samples from CozyCot then at the skincare outlets. Hates it when the respective SA gives the look that we are out for their brand's freebies. They should understand that if we are all potential customers. We like it, we will surely buy. Agree?

Click here to join CozyCot!


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