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May 14, 2009

Day 5 : HongKong & Macau (May 2009)

Our original plan was to take TurboJet @ 08.00am but overslept as we were too tired. We skipped breakfast and took MTR to Sheung Wan station, to Shun Tak Centre, to purchase our tickets. It costed us HKD$134.00 from HK - Macau and HKD$176.00 (night ferry) from Macau - HK.
*** Tips : I would strongly discourage you to pre-book or pre-purchase your ferry tickets, as sometimes depending on weather conditions, you might need to change itinerary. As long as your travelling period isnt PEAK-season, you should be able to easily buy the next ferry ticket. ***
We had purchased some "lao po bing" from SOGO last night as we were pretty sure we will over-slept and skip breakfast. Dear is eating his "lao po bing" while we were waiting for Macau bus.
Our 1st stop is Macau - Grand Prix Museum. We wanted to reach here at 10.00am, but as you know, we only reached Macau Ferry Terminal @ 10.30am + we took the wrong bus to the wrong place (had difficulties conversing with the locals), so we only reached around 11.15am. We were lucky that the guided tour tourists came right after we finished our viewing.
Dear loved F1 and follows closely to F1 news, so that's the reason why we are here. We get to have the whole museum to ourselves, so we took lots of photos here.
Don't be paranoid about taking local buses. As long as you can read some chinese characters, you will be able to get around pretty easy. Except for the 1st wrong bus, the rest of my journey was rather smooth as its mostly tourist-spots. Fyi : Macau bus charges a flat fare of MOP$3.30 (if i din remember wrongly). ***Tips : Remember to prepare HK coins for Macau bus rides ***
Places we visited : St Dominic Church / Senado Square / Ruins Of St Paul
This is the stall that Boys over Flowers, Ji Hoo and Jan Di bought portuguese tarts and blur Jan Di left her wallet at the counter. I din know that this is the very stall that was in the scene or I would have taken a shop photo. I only know it after it was broadcast on Channel U after my trip.
We were attracted by this uncle who is making biscuits thru traditional methods, cant help but to buy a pack to munch.
We only spent around 2hrs before taking a bus to Ah Ma temple. I am fascinated with the below inscene spiral which appears so beautiful on photos.
After Ah ma Temple, we took a direct bus to Grand Lisboa. Dear last visited HK 10 years ago, and he would like to revisit the hotel that he once stayed. You will realised there are so many casinos around this part of Macau.
We tooked a bus to Venetian, which stopped along the road next to Venetian. We had to walked almost 20mins to reach Venetian (see the image, it seems so near yet so far).
I did not take much photos of Venetian, just roaming around, taking a peek at their casino. Its indeed very grand. I also bought some Macau local speciality snacks in Venetian. If I had known Boys over Flowers was filmed here, I would have taken a lot more photos, esp at the exact filming spot. (Haha!)
We managed to cover the places that we have shortlisted and by 05.00pm we were ready to go. If you had seen our pre-purchased tickets, you must be wondering - 08.00pm ferry timing and you wanna leave at 5.00pm? Luckily we purchased TurboJet, which allows us to leaving at earlier timings (depending on seat availability). We took Venetian shuttle bus to Macau Ferry terminal, joined their standby queue and managed to board their 06.00pm ferry back to HK. I think due to the price we paid, we were upgraded to Super Class. Its is definitely more more confortable and stable as its on level 2.
Feeling hungry, we ate light dinner @ KFC in Shun Tak Centre right after we alight from ferry. HK's KFC is yummy, imo, tastes better than S'pore's. You must not miss HK-KFC's portuguese tarts. Its very very delicious!
We went back to hotel to lighten our load - bought lots of snacks - before going to Mongkok again. This round, I chanced upon Argyle Centre - almost like S'pore's Far East. The higher the level, the cheaper the stuffs, I would say. I bought lots of stuffs, eg 3 bags, 2 flats and 3 lanyards. The next day, I still went back to grab another 2 bags before going to Airport.
At the MTR Argyle Street D2 exit, you’ll find Argyle Centre, which sells cheap fashion items
Its a refreshing light snack which is great for your SO who were getting tired from our long hours of shopping. HKD$5.00 is worth treating him to perk him up.


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