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May 13, 2009

Day 4 : HongKong & Macau (May 2009)

Today, our itinerary isnt that packed, so we woke up slight later than usual. We were strolling slowly towards Jordan MTR, searching for Dairy Farm - was told they serve very nice breakfast. I had forgotten to jot down its address, so we wasted quite some time. End up, we decided on this local eating house. The food basically is more like home-cooked breakfast, just HKD$20 per set.
From Jordan station, we took MTR to Admiralty station before taking bus 629 to Ocean Park. Its a direct-stop to Ocean Park, so you won't have to worry that you miss the stop. It only took us around 30mins for the whole journey. You have not been to HK if you don't visit Ocean Park. That's what my friend told me. So no matter how hectic my itinerary, I simply had to squeeze Ocean Park into my sardine packed itinerary.
This is definetly not for my "weak heart", I really scared out of my wits yesterday when I took the indoor roller-coaster ride in Disneyland. We ended up taking photos of visitors taking this ride instead.
I love their under-water-world. Its capacity is so much bigger than ours, in Sentosa. To pay HKD$180 for Ocean Park is definetly very worthwhile.
Next, we took its cable car to the lower part of Ocean Park where we get to see Red Pandas and Pandas. As usual, we did not have to queue at all in Ocean Park as its off-peak.
Dear had wanted to eat chicken and rice, but it was OOS. We ended up eating drumstick only. Miserable Lunch!
The key characters of my purpose of visiting Ocean Park is :
Yes! I wanted to visit the main characters of KungFu Panda. Remember PO's shifu? He is Red Panda, while Po is Panda. They are simply adorable. We were just in time to see them awake instead of sleeping.
After Ocean Park, we took bus 629 again to Admiralty station. From there, we took HongKong Island's must-take bus ride that cost only HKD$2.00. Its a very affordable way to visit HongKong Island. You should try it too.

We alighted @ Causeway Bay searching for food as usual. Somehow we get very hungry all the time in HK. Shortlisted this eating house as I got craving for soya bean milk. I enjoyed the food.
If you wanna buy "lao po bing", you might want go to SOGO in Causeway Bay to get them. However, the $$$ is slightly more costly than the same outlet in Mongkok (which I only found out on my last day). We were too tired to take photos, and had a slow walk around Causeway Bay and here are the places we went :
Time is running out and we had to run to Ave of Stars. Why??? That's because its 8.00pm and Symphony of Lights has started. Its a very far walk from TST station. We were very happy to see this sign :
Only to find out that its still a long way more. After a close-view of the Symphony of Lights, we dragged ourselves around Ave of Stars as we were simply too tired.
Hmm, so far I have introduce the hotel I am staying. Its Eaton Hotel, which is a 5min walk from Jordan station. I don't find the rooms small, as mentioned in Eaton Hotel's reviews.


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