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May 12, 2009

Day 3 : HongKong & Macau (May 2009)

Yesterday was simply too tiring! So we woke up late this morning since Disneyland operates @ 10.30am. We decided to venture around Jordan MTR area for breakfast. I don't wish to keep eating "fast-food" thru out my 6 days in HK.
As we have difficulties reading traditional chinese characters, we shortlisted this store. Why ??? Because we can simply pin-point the items we wanna eat. I usually skip breakfast when I am in Singapore. But the sight of food makes me drool. I was practically ordering happily, luckily dear stopped me in time. He was worried he might end up be the one eating everything.
Just very basic dishes yet its so yummy that I ate quite a lot of them. The fried dumpling (is it called dumplings???) is a must to eat. Even the Chee-Cheong-Fun you must not miss too!
I had pre-purchased my Disneyland tickets from a counter in HK airport @ a special HKD$295 (usual HKD$350). I happened to get my favourite characters; Mickey and Minnie. How I wish I can get Donald and Goofy too ...
Right after our breakfast, we set off for Disneyland. We managed to hide 2 water bottles @ the bottom of our bag. That's becos, its very hot during this period, and in Disneyland, you cant bring outside food / drinks in. The staffs at the entrance will search your bag and make you discard them. Anyway, I was lucky they din check my bag . Perhaps I had that innocent look ...
This is the sign where you get to live "temporarily" in a fantasy world. This is where adults become kids instantly . I miss Disneyland ...
I was pretty lucky that the very moment I stepped into Disneyland, I get to take photographs with my very favourite character. I grew up watching their cartoons. Thanks to dear, for accompanying me, queuing up almost 45mins, for me to get a quick shot with them. Dear even got sun-burnt!
I must admit, every souvenir in their store is must-buy. Why ??? Everything is so cute that I simply have difficulty resisting. I had a had time choosing the stuffs I want. Btw, we bought a couple tees.
We were pretty lucky that we visited Disneyland during off-peak season. We did not have to waste time queuing up for rides or shows. Below are places we went or rides ...
Dear don't wish to waste time queuing and looking for seats. So we settled for the restaurant instead. Can't remember the exact meal price, but still quite affordable for the ambience. The food that we ordered is simply delicious. The desserts are also very yummy. I was so tempted to grab my Mickey's head - dessert home ...
Dear wanted to take a photo with BuzzLight, but as he was about to join in the long queue, the staff told us that BuzzLight is going off for a break. In the end, dear did not managed to take a photo with him as we went off to other part for rides.
This "mad scientist" is cute! He sings while cycling.
The parade has started. Here are some of the characters that we meet. I will not be loading much as the rest are for you to explore.
We managed to take close-up photos with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Winnie the Pooh. I wonder where is Donald Duck ???
The must NOT miss is the fireworks! Its amazing and fascinating. You must, I repeat, YOU MUST STAY till 8.00pm to catch this firworks. You wont regret, trust me!
Time for a late dinner. We were famished once again. We alighted at Mongkok station and proceed to finding Modern Toilet Restaurant. We had some difficulties searching for this restaurant. I had to describe it as a restaurant serving food using toilet minatures - the locals looked at me with weird expressions. Haha! Eventually, after much effort, we finally caught sight of it.The food is quite nice, though I would say people visit it more for its unique ambience. After makan, we went to Langham Place for a quick peek. As it was quite late, we basically just peek and go. If you are interested in H&M, can visit this place (or else the next outlet is in HongKong Island - Central.Besides a couple tee of Mickey, these are my souvenirs from Disneyland.Tomorrow, I will be visiting Ocean Park. Here's the tickets which I bought @ HKD$180 (usual HKD$208).


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