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May 11, 2009

Day 2 : HongKong & Macau (May 2009)

We woke up very early as we have a hectic itinerary to follow today. We went for a quick breakfast @ Cafe De Coral. In fact, Cafe De Coral and Fairwood is rather common in HK, just like MacDonald and KFC.

After finishing our breakfast, we set off for Tung Chung MTR to NP360. Perhaps due to off-peak season, and we were kinda early, there was no queue. We bought the "Journey of Enlightenment Package" (Includes: Round Trip Ngong Ping Cable Car journey and entry to Ngong Ping Village's Walking with Buddha and Monkey's Tale Theatre attractions) + Vegetarian meal (@ NP Village) at the counter. After which, we were urshered into our private cabin. *** Tips : As long as there is no long queue, you get to have a cable all to yourself ***
We managed to "conquer" Big Buddha and "Po Lin Monastry" before the crowd (guided tours tourists) comes in and had the whole place to ourself, taking photos of every corner of this place. We had wanted to visit Wisdom Path which is just round the corner. But because we were like the "only tourist" there, and the path to it is kinda isolated, we back out half way. What a waste!
Our very expensive vegetarian meal @ Ngong Ping Village inside a restaurant. But its food taste very + very nice. Sorry to for my remark, I must comment that the vegetarian "pork" texture and flavour taste almost like real pork. Despite being very tiring after all the walking and climbing, both of us enjoyed our visit to Big Buddha and cable car ride.
Next on our itinerary is CityGates. If you intend to visit both Big Buddha + CityGates, a gentle reminder : Shop @ CityGates only after you have visited Big Buddha! Why ??? Because I don't think you wanna carry your shopping stuffs to climb the steps to Big Buddha. Guys out there, good luck to you if your gal insist on shopping 1st (haha). If dear you are reading my post, you must be giggling and thankful that I am so sensible (opps! No offence!). *** Tips : You might want to grab a shop listing from info counter of CityGates before taking NP360 - because you can short-list the stores you interested and plan your route inside CityGates. Luckily I did that, because I was so tired after climbing and walking @ Big Buddha. ***
We mainly bought tees from Adidas, Nike, Esprit etc. The goods, i feel are mainly end-of-season stuffs. We only spent around 2 hours in CityGates and we went off to Gransville Road (TST). My colleague recommends that I shop around this place for home-grown designer products. Hmmm, I dun think this info is accurate (pls do not quote me). Anyway, I was having a terrible headache and I simply don't have the mood to shop anymore. Dear insisted on dragging me back to hotel for panadol and rest. Anyway, while walking back to take MTR back to hotel, these are what we walked past.
This store's waffles you must not miss. Its affordable and yummy. The uncle is camera-shy (saw his hand in the photo?), but he is nice to allow us take photos of his store.
This is the high raved store that all tourist must not miss. You haven't been to HK if you did not try it. However, I don't really find its dessert fantastic. Perhaps my taste-bud isnt working well that day. You might want try out for yourself.
After taking panadol and a quick bath, I am feeling much better. Must be the heat that is giving me this terrible headache, or perhaps due to lack of sleep? Anyway, I am not going to waste my time resting ok! Managed to convinced dear to go Mongkok area for shopping. We took a slow stroll from hotel to Mongkok (Jordan MTR to Mongkok MTR), you must be thinking we are crazy right? Well, I think its a worthwhile walk, we get to have a feel of Nathan road street happenings. But trust me, just once is enough!
It took us around 30mins to reach Mongkok area. We covered almost all the streets like Fa Yuen, Tung Choi, Sai Yeung etc. I only had a quick peek into Ladies Street, did not walk further in. The below image is Sai eung Street, its simply a cosmetic heaven for ladies. There are so much cosmetics and skincare stuffs that I really hoped I live in HK instead of S'pore. I swear, just that very moment!
Hungry!!! Its time for dinner. We pop into a eating house , ordered dumpling noodle and chicken noodle. Its simply delicious. Sometimes I do wonder, how come HK food taste nice in every store that we visit?
This is the ice-cream van that many bloggers mentioned must-try. I heard my friends says that it is rather difficult to spot this van. You spot it, you are very lucky. Well, I guess luck must be on my side, as I managed to spot it twice on separate days.
Barely 2 hours passed and dear is hungry again. I guess his stomach must have been aroused by the smell of these :These are our very unhealthy supper. Do not follow if you are weight-conscience. But you will miss out alot if you dun break your rule this round! Even I can't help but to eat some.


Hi,I'm heading to HK next month,it'll be a 5D4N trip.

Thus far the attract visiting only includes Disneyland and Ocean Park. Will 3 days be enough to shop shop shop? :)

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