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May 10, 2009

HongKong & Macau (Summer) - Day 1

We reached Changi Airport early for our flight to HongKong.
 Opt for Cathay Airline, as dear wants a more comfortable ride to HK.

Its drizzling while we were @ the departure hall waiting to board the flight.

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Time for breakfast!

I chose the omelette set while dear chose the chicken congee set.
My omelette is kinda salty, but dear's chicken congee tasted very yummy!

Immediately upon check out, went to purchase Octopus card
(HK's version of S'pore's Ez-Link)

discounted attraction tickets
Ocean Park @ HKD$180 (usual HKD$208)
DisneyLand @ HKD$295 (usual HKD$350)
Tram Ride + Mdm Tussuad Wax Museum + Sky Terrance @ HKD$140 (usual HKD$170)

After purchasing, we rushed out for our airport transfer
(included in our F&E package)

Venue one : The Peak / Mdm Tussuad Wax Museum

Walking from Eaton Hotel to Jordan MTR only took us barely 10mins.
To get to The Peak, we need to alight @ Central MTR.

Snap a few photos and started searching for food as we were famished.
Spotted Fairwood, and we zoomed in for late lunch.

What is Fairwood???
HK's very own fastfood chain offering chinese and western food @ affordable $$$.
It tastes nice, though can be better!

We had a little language barrier while ordering food.
Had difficulty reading chinese characters (esp traditional characters)
and we can't speak cantonese.

Luckily the staff understands basic mandarin,
so we simply look at the menu / other patrons's dishes and point.
So embarrassing.
We tried looking around for tourist signs leading us to - Lower Peak Tram Station.
While strolling, here are what we see :
We had accidentally taken the longer route.
What a waste of energy!
But we finally reached Peak Tram Station.
So tiring!
We spent about 1.5hrs in Mdm Tussaud Wax Museum. Both of us had visited Mdm Tussaud exhibition in Singpore - world trade centre around 10 years ago (~1999). So now you know why it is a must for us to visit here. There are so much new "collection" of wax figures here.
Dear wanted to try Scream and insisted dragging me along too. OMG!!! This is definetly not for "weak-hearts". I was trembling and almost had difficulties walking after this thrilling walk. Scream - the best word for this! I doubt I will ever get the courage to go thru this ever again!Ops! We are late for Symphony of Lights (viewing from HK island - to - Kowloon side). We ran up the escalator to Sky Terrace hoping to catch the must-visit Symphony of Lights. The view is stunning, but we can only view the "dancing lights" but not hear the music. What a let-down! We left The Peak and took bus 15 (cant remember is 15 or 15C) back to Central Pier for a ferry ride back to Kowloon. For a HKD$2.00, we get to view HK harbour stunning night view, simple worthwhile!
We were tired to visit anywhere. We ate MacDonalds (nearby) and took MTR from TST back to Jordan MTR. Time for our beauty sleep.


Hi, I'm going to HK this coming July. May I know where can I purchase the Octopus card and the discounted Disneyland tickets at the airport. Thanks.

Hi Raymond,
I posted the both ticket booth here;

On exiting, upon collecting your lugguage, you will see the Octopus-Ticket Booth. And just a couple of booths away, a "red-signage" is the discounted admission booth.

Have an enjoyable trip!

Thanks a lot for your info. Very much appreciated.

Hi, it's me again. Is there any ferry service to Macau at TST side (around Star Ferry Pier)? My hotel is Novotel Kowloon, near Jordan MTR so I think going to TST would be easier. Does it cost a lot more for a Super Class ticket? I'll be with my 2 young children so comfort for them would be important. The info on your blog is very helpful to me to do my planning for my trip. Cheers.

Hi Raymond,
Yes and u can consider taking First Ferry or Cotai Ferry from China Ferry Terminal (TST). This link ( might be useful in your planning.

I also stayed at Jordan area (Eaton and Largos), however, I opted for TurboJet Ferry instead, and I board the ferry at Shun Tak Centre (Sheung Wan). As I usually pre-purchase return tickets, and only TurboJet gives me the option to leave early if the need arise. I took its super class, and it is slightly quieter, more leg space and less jerky when on board.

Hi, thanks for the info. After looking at the map, I think the Turbojet ferry terminal at Shun Tak Centre is easier to access than China Ferry terminal. Less walking, I think.

Hi, I would like to find out from you whether Airport Bus A21 that you took to Jordan has enough room for luggages? All the luggages are loaded inside the bus? Now, I'm thinking whether to take a bus or taxi to our hotel.


Hi Raymond,
Yes, there is an allocated lugguage space and there should be quite suficient.

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