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August 25, 2009

Freebie Day !!!

It is not everyday that I get to claim so much samples without paying a single cent. Pls do not brand me as "cheapo" immediately ok? Do read on about how much efforts I have to contribute in exchange for these samples.

My trip to Fr3b (3rd trip)

It has been 2 weeks since I went to
Fr3b as I was too busy to make a trip there specially. I have been reading fellow Fr3b's member blog on the products that they booked out. There were so much products that I was interested yet by the time I reached Fr3b today, it was not available already. Haiz! Can only blame that my arms and legs not quick enough (haha!).

Most of the sample that I have in mind are fully redeemed so once again I am confused what to book out today. Luckily Fr3b store is not crowded and I get to slowly choose my samples today. Remembered that Dear liked the Hex (blue packaging) that I have booked out for him and since Hex (grey packaging) is available, I decided to book 1 tube for dad to trial.

Once again, I took the opportunity to book out mask, this round is Watsons's Bird Nest mask. You might have noticed that I booked out 2 types of shampoos and 1 cleanser. That's because I will be going on a short holiday soon. So its a great excuse to trial them out. Btw, I hate using hotel shampoo & conditioner! They always makes my hair dry and tangles easily. I remembered mentioning that I already have lots of body moisturisers, esp when my Fr3b goodie bag also includes a 400ML Nivea Lotion (old version). But seeing that this newly launched Nivea is about to be OOS, I can't help but to grab 1 bottle.

Lastly, I did not expect Fr3b to even have chips as samples. I grabbed a box to munch tonight (heehee!).

My trip to CozyCot

My next destination is
CozyCot office. I was given a chance to trial this newly launched Liese Bubble Hair Color and review it. Its such an hassle to dye my own hair, and so I am looking forward to using this retail size sample. Meanwhile the remaining are samples that I have booked out using CC points.


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