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August 23, 2009

Mentholatum Acnes Bundle Pack

Somehow due to irregular sleeping hours, I kept having some bumps on my face on-and-off. I decided to give "Acnes Sealing Gel" a try since I heard some raves over this Mentholatum Acnes brand, and the $$$ is very affordable.
My Kiehl's pimple cream has finished anyway, so its time for me to try new stuffs. In my opinion, I think almost all pimple cream works the same. I dun particularly find Kiehl's pimple cream fantastic.
My initial intention was to purchase just the Medicated Sealing Gel @ $8.90 (less 20% - student promo) = $7.12. But I ended up purchasing the bundle (Medicated Sealing Gel + Medicated Creamy Wash) @ $9.90 (less 20%) = $7.95 (Watson's round UP to the nearest dollar).
Btw, if you noticed closely, the friendly Watson's cashier gave me 4 packs of the Cure Natural Aqua Gel sample. So sweet of her!


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