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August 5, 2009

Old Town White Coffee

Purposely made a trip to Jurong Point today for the Kose Sale. Though I mentioned I will be giving it a miss since I still have supplies to last me another ~3months. But my itch butt makes me travel such "long" distance to window-shop. My 1st stop is to have lunch @ Old Town Cafe, which supposedly orginated from Malaysia, Ipoh. The food and coffee tastes quite average, and somehow, I kept feeling thirsty the whole day.
Overall, the ambience is quite comfortable. However, I don't think I will visit it again. I find the food quite costly for the miserable serving. Just to keep you informed too : they charge GST + service charges. I won't mind paying if their service was better. I had to wave a few times for the staff to notice my existence (the same for fellow patrons who were in the cafe).
Curry Mee @ SGD$5.90
Prawn Mee @ SGD$5.90
My miserable 2 prawns in my bowl of prawn mee
Straight after lunch, I went over to Kose roadshow for their special buys. Finds the bundle sets not attractive to me, so finally decides not to replenish anything from Kose. Saw the Fasio cleansing oil special promo @ SGD$8.00 (230ML). Decided to get 3 bottles for trial, anyway I can't possibility go home empty-handed right? Haha!


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