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August 16, 2009

X-Periment! + S'pore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2009

Chanced upon this X-Periment! today @ Marina Square Central Atrium while on my way looking for lunch. Out of curiosity, me and dear walked around the booths to find out.
Chanced upon this booth that says "Shrinking Plastics". I was given a piece of plastic that feels like handphone sheet protector (around 4cm by 4cm). The lady told me to decorate the plastic sheet and then pass back to her. You should be able to access my level of creativity from my drawing (lousy right?)
It shrink to so tiny after heated by a normal toaster. Its simply amazing!
Next, we drop by Suntec City to visit "Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention 2009". We had visited it last year and we made an attempt to visit it again this year. It is more lively as compared to last year where less awarness. There are more sale booths this year. Even the event guide book cost $4.00, which was free last year. Sorry, I can't help but to keep complaining.
We did not spend much time here as its too crowed. We decided to take a bus to Cathay to catch a movie.


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