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September 21, 2009

Dinner @ ION

I finished earlier today due to public holiday, so was able to meet dear for a quick shopping and dinner. As we don't have anything to buy in mind, we decided to look around for a "nice" dinner place in ION. We decided to eat in AOBA - Hokkaido Ramen @ ION.

Despite a long queue of around 10pax, waiting time was around 15mins. While waiting, I took a few photos of this eating place.

Their wide variety of dishes is making me confused. Which should I order?

At the rate that I am contemplating, we will never get to eat dinner. So as usual, dear will always decided what to order. These are the 2 dishes we ordered.

I think the Unagi set is rather small for dear's appetite, so dear ended up eating my ramen too.

You might want to give AOBA a try. The dishes are nice, but is rather small for a guy's appetite. Do pay by CitiBank credit card, and you will be entitled 10% immediately.

R Burger
Dear is still feeling hungry despite our dinner @ AOBA minutes ago. We decided to try R Burger which I think was opened by a MediaCorp Artiste - Adam.

We ordered "Combo Meal" @ $8.80 which includes a burger, a drink, a pack of wedges and a "popiah" lookalike. After ordering, the staff informed that the wedges oos, so replaced by 2 (miserable) pieces of nuggets. Stingy!

I guess most of the $$$ goes to the packaging. The Teriyaki Chicken burger tastes nice, but nothing fantastic (i prefer MOS Burger). The green tea is rather diluted and the miserable nugget is oily. As for the "popiah" lookalike, we simply don't feel like eating it. The vege taste is too raw. Yucks!

Worth trying for something new, but I don't think I want to spend $8.80 on this R Burger again.


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