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September 26, 2009

Great Things Comes Double

Lucky stars are shinning on me once again. This week, I received 2 surprises from CozyCot and Fr3b.

My first surprise came from CozyCot and Radox, who rewarded me with a $50.00 product hamper for being the first 20 cotter to participant in its rave and win.

Thanks CozyCot, for making the effort to organising interesting events or contests for us, cotters. Thanks!

My second surprise came from Fr3b, who selected me for an Avalon testimonial advertisement, and my reward is ??? 1 box of Avalon American Ginseng + $10.00 voucher!

Is a pity I had to reject this offer as my working hours cant complement their Avalon office working hours. My hectic work schedule also means I cant afford to take time off.

Nevertheless, I still wish to thank Fr3b for selecting and rewarding me. Thanks!


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