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September 8, 2009

Reviews : 5th Fr3b Samples

Watsons Aloe Extract Facial Mask
Rating : 3.5/5

I was told Aloe is good for skin as it aids in skin healing so I grabbed this from Fr3b to trial it. It is indeed rather hydrating for my skin, though a bit too sticky for me. Regards to healing, I guess needs more usage to see visible results.

Neutrogena MEN Cooling Cleansing Gel
Rating : 4.5/5

Dear likes facial cleanser with scrubs, so I grabbed this item from Fr3b to let him try. Dear likes the nice scent and it gives refreshes and cleans well.

Dax Cosmetics Glamour Eye Serum
Rating : 3/5

My dear sis is constantly complaining about her "panda" eyes, so I grabbed this for her to try from Fr3b store. She finds the serum rather light and absorbs easily, but has an unpleasant smell. Upon initial application, not significant in brightening her eye area. After ~3 days, her dark circles did indeed lightened slightly.

Huiji Fruity Lite
Rating : 4.5/5

My sis was interested to try this, and it was available as samples from Fr3b store. It tasted better when chilled and has that fruity taste. It does help with digestions as she dont feel so bloated after drinking.

T-Zone Skin Care
Ratings : 2/5

I gave dear this T-Zone sample kit from Fr3b. It consists of T-ZONE Clear Pore Gel Face Wash, T-ZONE Blackheard Fighting Exfoliating Wash and T-ZONE Oil Control Mositure Lotion. He was more interested to see the results of Blackhead fighting Exfoliating Wash. But sad to say, did not see immediate results. It is still worth a try due to its affordable $$$.

Covermark Brightening Lotion

Ratings : 3/5

My Review : I did not see significant brightening effect, perhaps need more time for a better review. It was able to moisturise my skin well.

Potpots Intensify Potion Skin Repair for Face
Ratings : 4/5

My Review : I tried this on my friend who was having a terrible dry spot on her face due to a skin allergy. I am amazed that it helped hydrate her skin rather quickly.

Dax Cosmetics Express ILLUMINATOR
Ratings : 4/5

My Review : I usually put on light make-up. It helps to brighten my skin and somehow I think it did make my face look more radiant.


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