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September 6, 2009

My 5th Trip To Fr3B

I went to Fr3b today as I wanted to book out "Gillette Shaving Cream Lemon Lime" for dear. But as usual, my arms and legs are too short! It was OOS again and I am very disappointed. I must compliment that fellow Fr3b members are so "Fast and Furious", haha!
Being aimless again, these are the samples that I have booked out today. I also wish to say THANK YOU to a fellow Fr3b member who was so sweet to volunteer to allow me check out my items first as I was in a rush.
Samples for myself
  • Covermark Brightening Lotion
  • Potpots Intensify Potion Skin Repair for Face
  • Watsons Aloe Extract Facial Mask
Samples for my dear
  • Neutrogena MEN Cooling Cleansing Gel
  • T Zone Skin Care
Samples for my sister
  • Dax Cosmetics Express ILLUMINATOR
  • Dax Cosmetics Glamour Eye Serum
  • Huiji Fruity Lite


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