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September 6, 2009

Unilever Warehouse Sale

I was on my way to work when I spotted "Unilever Warehouse Sale" @ Thai Embassy. Thai Embassy was having their usual Thai event whereby its open for public. We get to purchase products or even fresh fruits from Thailand. Food companies will also set up stores selling Thai food / desserts. But this round, I am very surprised to see Unilever setting up a sale in it. I was already in search for shampoos and decided stock-up different types of Dove shampoos.
Shampoo 700ML + Conditioner 700ML @ SGD$11.00 (Intense Damage Therapy)
Shampoo 350ML + Conditioner 375ML @ SGD$4.50 (Hair Fall Therapy)
Shampoo 350Ml + Conditioner 700ML @ SGD$6.50 (Daily Therapy)


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