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August 6, 2009

What is ZampleMan ???

"ZAMPLEMAN hopes to provide a venue for guys residing in Singapore to solicit 1st class skin care products for themselves. ZampleMan strive to become a one stop skin care centre serving sophisticated men in Singapore"

Reason why I signed up ZampleMan :
Dear is simply too "hack-care" about taking care of his skin conditions as he is blessed with great skin. I signed up ZampleMan on behalf my dear so that he will be introduced to skincare products that works for him.

  • Do you wish to try a new product or service that comes to the market?

  • Buying new product is not $$$-practical

  • Do you ever wonder will this or that product work for me?

YOU (or your SO) need to try the product then you (or your SO) will know!

Samples that are found within will be FREE of charge and members only need to pay a minimal postage fee. So why wait, join ZampleMan here if you wanna be like me to enjoy the "try before you buy" concept.
** You get 2 Zample Points for every sucessful referral ***


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