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October 25, 2009

Day 1 of 6 : HK+Macau

Its time for our family's annual holiday!
We have decided to bring our dear parents for a short holiday break to HongKong!

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Upon check-out,
do remember to purchase HK's Octopus Card (S'pore's ez-link card)
for convenience use (in 7-11, fast food places, buses, MTR, star ferry etc)
and also attraction tickets at "attractive $$$" at this counter.

The admission tickets I had purchased from a counter (discounted) in Airport.

We opted for CityFlyer Airport bus A22 to our hotel.
Alight at Largos Hotel's nearest bus-stop, near to Chi Wo Street.
The bus journey took us only ~40mins and cost HKD$39.00.

Search for your CityFlyer Airport Bus No here
Do remember to opt for the front row and upper deck
of this airport bus for better views.

I have indicated the bus-stop to alight with a red dot for Largos Hotel.

Walk along Chi Wo Street and you will see Largos Hotel immediately.

The hotel occupancy was full and in order to get adjacent rooms,
I had to opt for 2 rooms of double single beds.
Despite being a 3* hotel, it was rather clean and comfortable.

I had previously stayed in Eaton Hotel (May 09),
and I would say Largos's room is indeed very small, but location is simply excellent!

After check-in, we immediately took a MTR to Central for our lunch.

Here's the places we went for lunch (*Stay tuned for my sister's food blog*)

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠华茶餐厅
15-19 Wellington Street, Central (Main Branch: Opposite Yung Kee at Wellington Street.)

Mak’s Noodle – 麥奀記(忠記)雲吞麵
G/F, 77 Wellington Street, Central

We took a slow walk from Wellington Road to Lower Tram Terminal.

Getting to Lower Tram Terminal : Exit J2, walk along Garden Road, between BOC building and Cheung Kong Centre. You will pass BOC & Citibank Plaza on left & St John’s Cathedral on right before arriving at the Terminal on left. Then walk to the tram station only takes about 20 minutes.

Reached Lower Tram Terminal around 17:30 and it was kinda crowded already.
Had to queue for ~30mins before we get to board the tram.

Visited SCREAM when they newly launched in May 09.
This round I gave it a miss as dear was not around to accompany me.
I doubt my sister is brave enough to endure this scary SCREAM ... arghhhhhh !!!

It is definetly not for the faint-hearted.
If you are daring enough, pls, you must not give it a miss.

The weather was cooling with light breeze.
We spent aound 30mins relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenary.
Do remember to visit the sky terrace during the display of Symphony of Lights
(20:00 till 20:18 daily).
Though you cant hear the music, but the syncro of lights of awesome!

We left before the Symphony of Lights ended to avoid long queue
(based on past experience) of the tram.

We took bus 15C to Star Ferry Pier 7 for our ride back to Kowloon.
It only cost HKD$2.30 (lower deck) and HKD$2.50 (upper deck).
*Do take the upper deck if you have motion sickness.
Anyway, its less crowded and better view, imo.

If you had been reading up thread on HK, you must have heard of "Mister Softee".
Whereby it very very difficult to spot one, and if you do, you are in LUCK.
During my previous trip, I spotted it almost 2 out of 6 days.
And this trip ???
We spotted it 4 out of 6 days.
Did they increase their vehicles ???

We had our dinner at Cafe De Coral @ TST before heading back to hotel.
From the bus terminal nearby, you can easily take a bus ride back to hotel if you are too tired to walk to TST MTR.


Your HK/ Macau blog is indeed very useful for my upcoming trip. Staying at Largos Hotel too. Have bookmarked yr blog. Thanks for the wonderful sharing.

You are most welcomed.
Glad that you find my posts useful.
Have an enjoyable holiday!

hello, May i know where is the counter in the airport to buy the discounted attractions tickets?

Can I check with you whether Largos hotel has free internet access at the lobby?

@ elynn,

On exiting, upon collecting your lugguage, you will see the Octopus-Ticket Booth. And just a couple of booths away, a "red-signage" is the discounted admission booth.

Have an enjoyable trip!

@ Miso

I dun think they provide free internet access at lobby. U might want to drop them an enquiry

hi babe, can fill me in what scream is about ?

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