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October 25, 2009

Day 2 of 6 : HK+Macau

I specially brought my family to Australia Dairy Co @ Parkes Street for breakfast. I was never a fan of eating breakfast, but this place, I knew I must not miss.

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Australian Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司
47 Parkes Street, Jordon, Kowloon (Jordon MTR and exit at C2)

During this trip, we decided to give Disneyland a miss as it was rather not appropriate for my parents. We were worried they might find it boring though deep in our hearts, we wished we were there. Neverthless we still took a ride in the Disney train before alighting at Tung Chung MTR to visit Giant Buddha.

As usual, we reached NP360 cable car terminal early and managed to board the cable car within mins.

*Do reach as early as 10.00 to avoid the tourist queue*
*I managed to subscribed to Ngong Ping 360 e-Newsletter and gotten a 10% discount e-coupon off on any type of Ngong Ping 360 tickets at the Ticketing office at Tung Chung Cable Car Terminal*

I love the surrounding scenary around giant Buddha. Imo, irregardless of religion, all tourist should visit Giant Buddha at least once. When I am here, somehow I just feel very peaceful. All my worries or frustrations just disappear immediately. That's the downside of city life, I guess.

We proceed to Po Lin Monastry for sightseeing. I had previous missed out Wisdom Path (due to insufficient "research"), yet once again, I have to give it a miss again. That's because I don't wish to tire my parent.

After all the workout and scenic sightseeing, its time to rest and have some desserts. With all the raves that we read online, we can't wait try its specialty.
Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品

City Gates, Tung Chung MTR

We managed to complete our morning sightseeing on time and its time for shopping! My sister bought esprit clothings, and I bought some New Balance Tee (Dry-Tech) for dear.

We left early in search for late lunch cum dinner in Mongkok. Imo, the beauty of HK lies in its ability to blend very worn old building with beautiful fascinating malls. Its very messy signboards, its never-ending crowds of people, its variety of local yummy food is what attracts me.

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳
G/F 47 Bute Street Mongkok

Spicy Fish Ball 辣魚蛋

The hugh collections of bags and shoes in Mongkok.

Yan Wo Soy Bean Shop 人和豆品厂

We headed towards Argyle Centre which dear and me chanced upon during our previous trip. Its stores are very similar to our S'pore's Far East Plaza yet the prices are much more reasonable (perhaps lesser freight charges?). I prefer to shop here than Ladies Street where we have to negotiate for $$$. Over here, its too affordable to waste time negotiating. Look out for this mall when you are nearby Mongkok station (refer to my previous post for directions to Argyle Centre).

By the time we reached level 3, we were kinda hungry and we took the excuse to try out this "Cold Noodle". Its only HKD$5.00 and you get to choose 3 packs, whereby the lady will mix them and add in some sauces. Quite refreshing for a quick snack.

It was rather late when we reached hotel. I guess we had "exercised" too much that we kept feeling hungry. I find HK's KFC tastes better than S'pore's (Somehow the grass is always greener on the other side). After supper, I took a quick shot of our loots and its time to rest.

Day 3 To be continued ---


Hi, can share how to get to Argyle Centre? TIA!

Hey there ! Nice blog :D

How much is e ferry tix to Macau ? Do you think it's worth it to go there ?

Will be following closely to your Oct 09 Trip - as I need your itinery.. :(

tehlze from sgc (:

Hi Jeniffer,
alight at mongkok station, D2 exit, you’ll find argyle centre.


Hi tehlze,

imo, if you have not been to Macau before, you should visit it once. try their famous p.tarts, visit venetian, ruin of st paul etc. but if you are into shopping, then macau nothing much.

the ferry tix costs hkd$134(to) and before 5.44pm, hkd$142(back) after 5.44pm, hkd$176(back)

hk KFC is indeed nicer than SG's! I miss their KFC...

hi xing,
i agree, hk's kfc tastes better and cheaper too :)

i also feel the KFC tastes better..wonder is it because i was on holiday mood that..everything there taste better..:)

Hi, very nice blog, we really enjoy reading your blog:), would be grateful if you could kinldy let me know how do we get to honeymoon dessert pls:D, TIA.

The outlet I visited is in Ngong Ping Village. The other outlet you can visit too is @ Sheung Wan - Western Market (tourist spot).

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