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October 25, 2009

Day 3 of 6 : HK+Macau

Our parents were having craving for porridge and we decided to give this eating place a try.
Parkes Street

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As usual, we opted for the english menu (fyi, HK uses traditional chinese characters). As the food portions in HK is rather "huge", we usually order 3 sets for 4 pax.

I love drinking HK's soya milk, smooth and thick texture, yet not too sweet. But for coffee, its definetly not of suitable for Singaporean's tastebud. It tastes like milk tea with some coffee flavouring (I guess there is very little coffee content in each cup).

Our initial plan was to visit Macau but scrapped due to HKO's rainy cum windy forecast. I made a terrible decision to visit Ocean Park instead (You will know the reason later as you read on). We alighted at Admiralty station and follwed the directions to take City Bus 629 (direct) to Ocean Park which took less than 30mins to arrive @ OP.

I got a sudden craving for instant noodles

We exchanged the vouchers (purchased from the travel booth inside airport) for our "real" admission tickets. The counter lady was sweet to make effort to give us Ocean Park's four characters.

Due to windy weather, a lot of its rides was closed. Both OP's hot air balloon and cable car services was closed till better weather conditions. Damn, wasted trip! Though I have experienced them in my previous trip, I wished my family also try them too.

Luckily OP has newly launched its Ocean Express WaterFront Station. Or else, it would have been such a hassle to take its shuttle bus to the other part of OP (as the cable car is closed due to windy weather).

Wonderful performance!

Its halloween time!!!

You must not miss this OP attraction : Atoll Reef.

We left OP late evening and took bus 629 to Admiralty station. We purposely alight at Admiralty to transfer to "Ding Ding" bus for sightseeing to Causeway Bay.
It costs only hkd$2.00!

Luckily I still remember the way to this Shanghai eating place (which dear and I chanced upon). They serve very delicious Shanghai rice roll.

The above was only appetizer. Dad had craving for rice, and decided to try this store (just next door to the Shanghai eating place) for claypot. I would consider their $$$ rather costly, if not for dad's craving, I would never step into this very expensive yet disappointing taste. This "bad" eating experience almost caused us to skip eating at a highly raved claypot eating store at Temple Street (Yau Ma Tei).

The average $$$ is hkd$45.00, and they serve big portions.

Sorry for being wasteful, but we really have difficulty finishing the above food. Minutes later, we went off for sightseeing at Causeway Bay.
Shi Lui Shan is widely available in HK (almost every corner, imo)

Desserts are always so pleasing to our taste buds. Don't you agree?

We were rather tired and not in the mood for anymore walking. But before we left, I visited SOGO, basement to buy tomorrow's breakfast.

I bought from this store, famous for their "Wife's biscuits", tomorrow's breakfast. Imo, every pastry in HK tastes delicious to me.

I must have been so tired that I took the long route back to Jordan station.

I got the Ocean Park Halloween cup (don't look attractive though) for answering a visitor's survey at the exit.


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