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November 14, 2009

Day 4 of 6 : HK+Macau

HK weather forecast today is clear and sunny
So we decided to visit Macau.

We woke up early and even went to the extent of skipping breakfast.
We bought our Turbojet tickets at Shun Tak Centre, Sheung Wan station.

Click "Day 4 of 6 : HK+Macau" to read more -->
The counter staff will usually encourage you to purchase the next 15mins tickets.
(not advisable with you are with kids or elderly)

Pls opt for the next thirty mins departure
(as there is a ~5mins walk and you need ~5-10mins to clear the customs)

Upon reaching the Macau Ferry Terminal, we went into the tourism booth
(looks like a shop),
to get some updated Macau maps and events schedule.

Don't be too stressed over which buses to take.
Bus route info is clearly displayed at all bus stops.

When travelling, I usually prefer to opt for public transport.
Do not straight away brand me as wasting time or just being stingy.

Public transport is the best way to explore the country, don't you agree???

The bus # and its route is clearly stated at all bus stops.

This is Senado Square.
The whole place is under-going intensive makeover.

I sincerely hope they dun change too much of its local "flavour",
or it will make it too "tourist-perfect".

I missed out this high raved milk-curd eating place during my previous trip.

Yee Shun

simply delicious!!!

After taking breakfast
(pastries I bought from SOGO basement + milkcurd (above),
we set off to Ruins of St Paul.
It takes approx 20 mins to get to Ruins of St Paul (excluding shopping time / photoshots).

Senado Square somehow potrays a very different "local appearance", imo.
You see streets of individual stores that are so worn-out,
yet just next street, you see chain stores that are nicely renovated.

This store is used for "Boys Over Flowers" filming.
When visiting Macau, you are invited to try their local - Pork Chop Bun.

Ruins of St Paul

Bought ourselves some stamps as collectibles

The must-buys products from these stores

This store was chanced upon during my previous trip to Macau.
I made an effort to bring my family to have a quick glance at "old uncle" at work.
He is very used to visitors snapping photos of him at work already.

Do patronise his store by buy a pack of his biscuits while you are there.

Took public buses thru out my visit in Macau.

Ah Ma Temple

This route to Venetian is much smoother.

Took this shuttle bus to to Venetian doorsteps.

The shuttle bus drove pass the "MacDonald bridge" which connects to Taipa.

Skipped Macau Tower, hope to visit it in my next trip.

--- To Be Continued ---


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