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November 17, 2009

Day 5 of 6 : HK+Macau

A truly relaxing day in hongkong today.
No pre-planned itinerary, just following our sights.

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Made an effort to wake up early for dim sum.

Lin Heung Tea House @ Central
160-164 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

This place is indeed crowded!
Wasted my valuable thirty mins waiting for seats.
(i was an impatient greedy for that moment)

Even had to share table with other patrons.

-- To Be Continued --

We had difficulty ordering our food thru the staffs.
The staffs spoke only cantonese and barely mandarin.
Luckily the food that we "randomly" taste good.


you're lucky.
I went to luk yee tea house at central and its crap.
it was really a tourist trap, i paid hk140 for 3 dimsum and a pot of tea. and we wasted almost 1 hour there, not because there's plenty of ppl, but because the service is so slow.

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