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January 9, 2010

Shopping + Kobayashi Hangul

Its Saturday, and yet Dear needed to work today!!!
My dear sis was sweet to accompany me.

Sales was everywhere.
Bought a knitwear from Mango and a Tee from Zara.

The Body Shop was having sales too!

Gottened myself a Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash.
Was actually contemplating between this or its Foaming Wash.
Finally opt for this becos the SA says this is gives a more "intense" cleaning.

Completely engrossed in shopping, that when its time for dinner,
most eating places are preparing to close.

Sis suggested "looking for dinner" @ Cineleisure

She shortlisted Kobayashi Hangul.
I remembered its food tasted horrible on my previous visit.
But tat's almost 2 years back.

I was rather hesitant, but gave in as I don't wish to eat fast food.

Well, I must admit, their food "taste" has improved tremendously.

Will most prob visit this eating place again when I am round the vicinity.
And I love their Shitake Mushroom Tempura.


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