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January 11, 2010

Surprise from ZampleMan!

Recieved an envelope from ZampleMan today.
Is it sample? Didn't I missed out the recent BLOCK UP sunblock sample?
But it seems like a huge fat sample is inside the envelope!

Ripped opened the envelope,
and guess what!

Its a retailed-sized PURE & MATT Exfoliating Gel Scrub!
+ a sweet note from ZampleMan!

Oh gosh! ZampleMan, thanks for this sweet gesture!

A closer glance at it!

Here's Dear's review :
 He loves using facial cleansers with scrubs, and so he tried this without hestitations.

His skin type : Oily Skin

Packaging - attention-seeking yet potray a manly-confidence packaging
Exfoliating Scrubs - small gentle scrubs yet tough on scrubbing his pores
Lathers - It lathers easily which in turn cleanse his face well
Oil-Control - It is able to keep his face matt for a longer period of time.
Scent - Its refreshing scent never fails to rejuvenate his mood :)

Conclusion : He loves it! Its simply - Under Promise and Over Delivered


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