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May 14, 2010

SHISEIDO : Integrate Mineral Foundation SPF 16 PA+

Shiseido Integrated Mineral Foundation SPF 16 PA+

I had seen the Shiseido Integrated Mineral Foundation in the day before, in Odaiba, Tokyo. But I did not purchase as it was selling at 1365 yen for the refill alone (w/o case) and I find the price rather steep to buy and trial.

I am glad I backed out, as I managed to spot it selling at 1365 yen per set instead in Akihabara, Tokyo, on my last day of holiday. I grabbed 2 sets without realising what is "Mineral Foundation". A search in, lead me to a local blogger, Haru's post dated 25 December 2009. As mentioned by Haru, this is Shiseido's first line of mineral foundations and was released on 21 February in Japan.

I also extracted more info about mineral foundation from geekwise and and hopes that as mentioned, this mineral foundation will work well on my sensitive skin.

From WiseGeek;
Mineral foundation makeup refers to foundations or base makeups that are usually powder and that are made up of ingredients that are mostly minerals and perhaps cornstarch. There are now many of these foundations on the market.The initial goal when mineral foundation makeup first appeared in the 1970s was to eliminate some of the extra ingredients irritate skin like dyes, binding ingredients, and fragrances. Most mineral makeups fair very poorly and provide only an SPF of 15. Doctors say this isn’t a reason not to use mineral foundation makeup, but advise that patients use a stronger sunscreen underneath the base.

Sensitive and acne-prone skin can benefit from using mineral foundation powder. There is an extremely low allergy risk and is excellent for all types of problem skin. These powders aid in oil absorption and keep a matte fresh finish throughout the day and into the night. They contain no skin irritating materials. They are also comedogenic, which means they will not block or clog pores. Mineral foundation powder is free of oils, waxes, silicone and is anti-inflammatory. They can assist in soothing and medicating irritated skin. The ingredients consist of inert and natural minerals that can not support bacteria and are preservative free. There is virtually no risk for people with skin allergies or skin sensitivity.


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