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June 14, 2010

MOVIE : Movie Pass to "A nightmare on ELM STREET"

I recently became a fan of Cathay and took part in their recent facebook quiz. I am delighted that Cathay shortlisted my answer and rewarded me with a pair of complimentary movie pass to "A nightmare on ELM STREET". Special thanks to The Cathay for rewarding me the pair of complimentary movie pass.
Do join me @ Facebook today and be updated on the contests I joined!

The above pair of movie pass was added into my (below) existing complimentary movie passes that I have won.

Complimentary Pass from Shaw Organisation - Online Contest
Complimentary Pass from Warner Brothers - Lucky dip from Bugis Junction for spending a certain $$$, a month ago.

I will be watching "A nightmare on ELM STREET".with my family members this week and hopefully its not too scary for me (i am very timid and tends to get nightmare after watching horror movies) to enjoy.


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