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July 31, 2010

Smooth E - White BabyFace Foam

I became keen on the Smooth E - White BabyFace Foam; which is a 4-in-1 product. Its a cleanser + whitening + toner + moisturizer. This reminds me of the multi-purpose contact lens solution that I used to use for my biweekly contact lenses (I have since switched to dailies contact lens). Isnt the Smooth E - White BabyFace Foam a godsend, especially ladies who travel frequently?

I had redeemed a Smooth E - White BabyFace Foam sample from Fr3b previously, but I wasnt enthusiastic about facial wash that does not foam well. However, of late, in my quest to find an ideal facial wash, I became interested facial foams that are soap-free and pH-balanced.
Smooth E White BabyFace Foam

There are 2 types of cleanser available and both do the cleansing job but which one leaves skin-damaging chemical residues?

1. Bubble Cleansers 
- Used for non-human skin cleansing such as floors and etc., 
- Contains “Negative Charges”, which will bind to “Positive Charges” on the skin 
- Leaves chemical residues on the skin which is a cause of clog pores, acnes and destroy skin natural moisturizer resulting in fine lines and dry skin

2. Bubble-Free cleansers (non ionic: no electric charge) 
- NO negative charges 
- NO chemical residues

Why do dermatologists recommend BUBBLE-FREE FACIAL FOAMS?
-Bubble-free facial foam leaves no residues that could cause acne and fine lines
-Effectively reduces acnes and fine lines
-Leaves no dryness after wash-off
-Effectively makes the skin incredibly softer, smoother and cleaner 
-Deeply cleans; cleans better than regular facial cleansers
-Causes no irritation even for the most sensitive skin

Smooth-E White Foam With Malawhite

- Benefits
A bubble-free facial foam that not only leaves no chemical residues on the skin to cause acne, fine lines, and dryness but incorporated with whitening ingredients to help achieve a soft, smooth, and white babyface skin. 

- Suitable for
All types of skin even the most sensitive one

- Direction of use
Ensure a dry face before placing the foam on your wet hand, massage the face gently for a few minutes, then rinse off with water.


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