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July 30, 2010

I'm a winner in the "DHC - Japan No. 1 Contest!"

Fans of GLOW was invited to post on their fanpage about why we adore olive oil skincare products and also why we deserved to win a bottle of travel-size Deep Cleansing Oil.

DHC - Japan No. 1 Contest organised by GLOW
My Winning Entry
Winners for DHC - Japan No. 1 Contest
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil - 20ml
If this bottle had came in earlier, I would have tried it without any hesitation*. I have decided to give this to my dear sister and she will help me do a guest review on DHC - Deep Cleansing Oil. 

* Curious to know why I wont be trying this highly-raved DHC Deep Cleansing Oil? Click here to find out.

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