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July 9, 2010

A reprimanding session with my dermatologist

A recent trip to my dermatologist turns out to be a reprimanding session. It seems that my recent outbreak of bumps @ check zones were clogged pores with results from inappropriate use of skincare products.

My past 8 years of routine skincare regime recommended by my dermatologist involves;
(a) Cleanser
(b) Dalacin T
(c) Retin A
(d) Sunblock

However, I have added quite a bit of skincare product into my skincare regime. The additional steps (in bold and italic) includes;
(1) Cleansing Oil
(2) Cleanser
(3) Toner / Lotion
(4) Dalacin T
(5) Moisturizer
(6) Sunblock
(7) Sleeping Mask and Sheet Mask and Clay Mask

There was no way I could hide the facts that I have overloaded my skin with too much products. I wasnt mentally prepared for her rebuking as I have always blamed it on hormonal changes. In fact, I only confessed on the additional step of cleansing oil. And there she goes ... on and on. She always suspects that I have been using moisturizer and is inappropriate moisturizers. for my skin type. Oops! She did guessed correctly.

Anyway, to cut long long story short, I was banned from using cleansing oil and moisturizer can only be applied once at night. So for now, my newly modified skincare regime includes;

(a) Cleanser
(b) Toner
(c) Dalacin T
(d) Moisturizer and Retin A
(e) Sunblock

I will still be using my facial masks, sleeping mask and clay mask, but at a lesser frequency. Meanwhile, though I have been officially banned from using cleansing oil, I have recently been seen an alternative makeup remover. Tinklebella, a fellow forum'er, has suggested Mandom Cleansing series which were water based.

Mandom Cleansing Gel
Mandom Cleansing Gel


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