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August 24, 2010

Review of ELISHACOY - Ricebran and Arbutin Sheet Mask

[Sample + Review]

It has been quite sometime that I cease using whitening skincare products. Somehow, I feel that whitening products tend to make my skin sensitive and more prone to breakouts. In fact, I was rather hesitant to sample and review this ELISHACOY  - Ricebran and Arbutin Sheet Mask.

However, the tag-line "Are you concerned about dark face and blemishes?" tempted me to test this out. It is a face-cleansing mask containing Ricebran and Arbutin and helps inhibits generation of melanin pigments and makes skin clean by anti-oxidant activity.

Elishacoy - Ricebran and Arbutin Mask Sheet is a 100% pure cotton mask sheet (essence type) which prevents generation of melanin pigment and provides whitening effects via anti-oxidation.

Elishacoy - Ricebran and Arbutin Mask Sheet
Remove mask after 15-20mins and lightly pat remaining essence.
As claimed by Elishacoy, it's sheet mask is heavily soaked in essence and its texture is slightly thinner and softer than most facial sheet mask that I have tried.

I have posted my "Before and After" image. If you are trying to scrutinize my image for visible whitening effect, then it will disappoint you. No skincare product will show immediate visible whitening effect. Instead, you should be able to realize that my skin does look more moisturized and brighter.

Any improvements?
I'm glad that I did not experienced any visible skin irritation during this sampling trial, except for the initial tingling / light burning sensation. The tingling sensation lasted almost 30secs before it subsided. I continued with the mask treatment since there wasnt visible redness on my skin.

It is bigger in size, with additional cuts for better fit.

The sheet mask is bigger in size and gave an overall better fit / coverage. As recommended by Elishacoy, its remaining excess essence can be applied onto the neck and arms. I'm sure with regular use of whitening sheet mask, it will have visible lightening and brightening of my skin, especially on my post acne marks.

Read more about Elishacoy Organic Facial Essence Mask here


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