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September 1, 2010

Burger King - BK Snacking Quick Pick

I took part in the Burger King's BK Snacking Quick Pick last week. It was an unexpected surprise that I have managed to guess a correct snack prediction. For that little effort and fun, I was rewarded with a voucher to redeem a All-Day BLT Croissan'wich.

Thanks for the creative fun that you have specially created for us. Cheers!

Join me in the BK Snacking Quick Pick today!
Here's the Quick Pick instructions;
1. Pick six small BK snacks from a range of 32.
2. Drop them into six time-slot boxes in any order.
3. Answer a simple question and submit your details.
4. Return here on results day (every Thursday at 6 p.m. starting 26 Aug 2010) to watch the draw.  
5. Rub your hands as you await the good news.
6. For each correct snack prediction, you win a voucher to redeem the respective snack.
7. Repeat the above for 5 weeks from 19 Aug to 23 Sep 2010 to win a jackpot of snacks!

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