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November 28, 2010

Clinelle Brightening Serum

Do you desire brighter and luminous complexion?
Are you having dull and lifeless complexion?
Are you vexed over trying to combat the appearance of pigmentations on your face?

A dull complexion, usually caused by various factors, often appears less radiant and the skin usually feels rough. Age spots, sun damage and post-acne marks often contribute to a not-so-rosy complexion. Consider using a good skin-brightening product to help you acheive a luminous complexion. A brightening serum can improve your skin by specifically brightening your complexion, minus the harsh effects of whitening products. It is often used to even out skin tone, discolorations and blotchiness of the skin, giving the skin an overall brighter and smoother appearance.
Image from Clinelle

Introducing CLINELLE Brightening Serum 20ml (RRP : S$35.90)a lightweight intensive whitening treatment, that works to effectively even out skin tone and replenish crucial hydration that skin needs.

Citrus Unshiu Extract and  Daisy Flower Extract helps to lighten dark spots and age spots. Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin attract and retain water to aid in maintenance of skin structure integrity and regulation of skin hydration. Tocopherol (Vit E) is an antioxidant that works on reducing free radicals, while strengthening skin’s barrier function, further shielding skin from the hazards of the surrounding environment.

A simple remedy for this COMPLEX problem!
Simply use it daily and experience a significant increase
in skin hydration and brighter complexion in 8 weeks!

My Review : The serum has a strong 'citrus' scent, colorless and light-weight in texture. It is 'runny' in texture and gives a cooling sensation when applied. The serum is easily absorbed  by my skin and it left my skin matte and smooth for the rest of the day.

Barely three weeks of continuous usage, my skin already showed visible improvements. This product quenches my skin immediately upon application and as a result, my makeup was able to last longer throughout the day. And seeing my acne marks fading really motivates me to use it regularly without fail!

Special Thanks to Clinelle Singapore for sponsoring the above
Clinelle Brightening Serum for sampling and review.


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