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January 3, 2011

I ♥ My Bag Organiser

I have been longing for a bag organiser for ages and finally I get to own one myself today.

I spent my precious 3hrs DIY a bag organiser using the recycling bags that have flooded my cupboards. Bring Your Own Bag Day (BYOBD) campaign was introduced many years ago and since then advertisers are giving out recycled bags hoping their consumers will re-use the bags while promoting their brand. My family have also begun re-using the recycling bags during grocery and visits to Ikea. As the materials are rather tough in nature, they dont spoil easily.

I decided to save my $$$ and be environmental-friendly by recycling the recycling-bags. So I picked the ones that have been out-casted. The initial concept was to sew myself a black bag organiser. Unfortunately, the material was too flimsy and I had to add on another layer to make it more sturdy.

It was supposed to have an outer pocket, but due to my lousy sewing skill (sewing machine), I had to flip it inside out which was more visually appealing.

If you do have abundant of recycling bags sitting at home, you might want to consider using it and sew it into something useful. I will be looking forward to sewing another for my sister soon.


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