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March 15, 2011

Praying Hard for Japan

Let's pray for Japan, pray for the helpless victims of this horrible Tsunami cum earthquake that have created havoc into the life of the Japanese.

I experienced heart-wrenching moments as I watched the news on Chanel News Asia last friday, 11th Mar 2011, and have since closed closely on the happenings of Japan. Besides the  extensive damages, it has also damaged nuclear plants. And as I was typing this post, I was informed that another strong earthquake of magnitude of 6.0 has shook Shizuoka prefecture.

After days of consideration, I have decided to cancel my annual family vacation to Japan today. Despite the disappointment we all had over the loss of not being able to see cherry blossom in Japan, it definitely pale in comparison to the agonizing physical and mental torment the victims are experiencing now.

If you are reading this post of mine, I urged that all of us can do with contribution to the victims of Japan, who have helpless lost their beloved ones, their homes and almost their country. Let us  share our compassion for them. Please donate generously to Singapore Red Cross Society - Japan Disaster 2011 ( and help them rebuild their lives, rebuild their country.

Together, the world will pray hard for you, Japan, do be strong.


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