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April 18, 2011

Day 1C - I ❤ Hong Kong

---------- (Continued from) Day 1B - I ❤ Hong Kong ----------

As soon as we have refreshen ourselves, we took a slow walk to Mongkok area for shopping. Its pleasing to note that The Cityview Hotel is so near to the shopping area. Kudos to its awesome location! Stop by the roadside stores for all the "sinful" fattening food.


Spotted a bakery store and was attracted by its aroma of its pancakes and sugar puffs. 

---------- Day 1D - I ❤ Hong Kong (next to be published) ----------


Hey! You are not going to blog about the rest of your trip? Looking forward to you blogging abt Tai-O :)

Where's 1D?! I enjoyed reading it.

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