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June 28, 2009

GLOW - Issue 2 (Jul 09- Sep 09)

Finished work earlier, so went "window-shopping" for some good buys. As I was walking sections by sections in Watsons, I saw that Glow Magazine 2nd issue is out. I remembered giving Glow's 1st issue a miss as I believed it will be the typical advertisement-loaded magazine.

However, this round I am contemplating because its giving a free cosmetic pouch. Hmm, with $2.00, no harm getting it since cosmetic pouch is in my "must-buy" shopping list.

The contents are great! I even started reading this magazine in train on my way home. Not what I had expected. I would say, it is very worthwhile, and now I am beginning to regret not buying Glow's issue 1. Gonna "carefully" absorb its content for next few days.

Here are some "preview" in case you are comtemplating whether to get it or not.


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