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June 28, 2009

Fr3B (Online) - Sample before purchase

Today, I have just signed up for fr3B online membership.
And I wish to share this with you!

Here's how it works;

  • Sign up thru the below link I have provided. I am appreciative if you can click here to sign up, so that I will get to be awarded one referral point for every 5 referrals.

  • You will be awarded six points upon successful application (6 points = 3 samples that you can book out).

  • Browse thru the avaliable products and you can select up to four trial products of your choice (every item is 2 points deduction)

  • In order for these products to be delivered to you, you will need to pay a small postage fee (normal or registered postage charges).

  • After paying the postage charges thru internet-banking or atm transfer (within 30mins), remember to send them an email to inform them of your payment for postage. Or else items will be deleted.

  • Then you can look forward for your samples to arrive.

  • When usage / trial, do remember to review the products so that you will be awarded two points. You may also earn additional points for survey, or even start referring your own friends to join.

After all my detailed steps by steps, what are you waiting for?
Click my above link or the Fr3b badge on my right.

I am really appreciative if you can apply thru my link / badge,
so that I can get more points and review more products.

Thank You In Advance.


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